Monago Agricultural Machinery: Front loaders, Backhoes, Rear scraper blade...

Front Loaders

Front loaders with innovative design, front linkage systems and implements…


Backhoes, Rear scraper blade, Disc Cultivator, Sprayers and more.


Disc Mowers, Hay Tedder, Rotary Rake, Hay Rake, Forage Chopper and more.



The study and design of a new dimension of front loaders.

The sensation of having a machine that responds to your requirements, the loader that allows you to work in the most arduous conditions.
The technology you were looking for that no one has ever given you, the self-confidence you have when working.
The certainty of having made the right choice for your needs.
The certainty of your dreams ensuring profitability to your farm.
Your dreams are the basis of our daily work.
Your certainty is an Monago loader.

Fixed and Hydraulic side shift Backhoes


Care and research of Monago backhoes.

The new line of Monago Backhoes are all equipped with sturdy booms, designed to give the operator greater visibility, swing arc to facilitate movement, the dimensions have been optimised during transport, high standards of performance during digging. They have all been designed to provide years of outstanding performance in difficult working conditions.

Monago backhoes are suitable for heavy-duty, agricultural, construction and open field work. Great visibility in the digging area.

Rear scraper blade


High performance rear-mounted blade.

The angle is easily adjustable from the control cab. Being particularly suitable for maintenance operations on small farms, it satisfies the most demanding users.

The central axis of the special hardened 39 Ni Cr Mo3 steel blade is fitted with casehardened bushings that make the frame highly resistant over time, especially during more professional and heavy-duty work.