BB PROFI - Hydraulic crane

Universal machine designed for lifting, for the loading of the fertilizer spreader. Suitable for a universal agricultural use, for any type of lifting and moving of material. It is not recommended to use this machine for Big-Bags transport over large distances. Maximum load 1000 Kg.

Hydraulic opening of the machine lifting arm. It is very fast for the material loading and unloading, ideal for the most demanding farmers who are looking for a multifunctional machine.

Technical specifications


Width 115 cm. / 3.8 ft.
Length 213 cm. / 7 ft.
  Length with extended arm 290 cm. / 9.5 ft.
Overall height from the ground 220 cm. / 7.2 ft.
Overall height with lifted and extended arm from the ground 460 cm. / 15 ft.
Overall height with lifted but not extended arm from the ground 390 cm. / 12.8 ft.
Maximum loading capacity 1000 Kg. / 2205 Lbs.
Weigh 350 Kg. / 772 Lbs.
Minimum operating pressure 160 Bar.
Maximum operating pressure 200 Bar
Power [Kw] 90 Kw



+39 075 9302222