MF - FIXED Backhoe

The two models of the MS and MF series differ in that the former is a machine with hydraulic side shift on the frame whilst the latter has a fixed frame, both have the distinction of being machines that suit all the needs of the operator.


Three-point hitch.
MONAGO MS/MF backhoes all have a three-point hitch that can be adjusted for correct fastening to the tractor and which protects you from jerks during work. The hooking and unhooking operations are very quick and can be easily done by the operator. The bored hitch allows you to easily hook the backhoe to all tractors.

Control levers.
Dual levers to control the various movements of the machine, the ergonomics facilitate hand support. Another two levers control the hydraulic movement of the support feet for their opening and closing.

Pump and tank.
All of our hydraulic distributors are fitted with pressure relief valves that control movement and protect from any overloads or wrong use by the operator during work, thereby safeguarding the machine frame. All MS and MF backhoes have a built-in oil tank so they don’t use the tractor oil.

MF rotation.
The MF model uses 2 oscillating cylinders for 180° rotation and quick movement on both sides.

Adjustable seat.
The operator seat can be adjusted height-wise and horizontally, thus making it practical and easily accessible.