MS 120 - Self-Loading Silage Mower

Strong self-loading silage mower, ideal for sorghum, corn, sugar cane, millet cultivation and similar products. Provided with cardan shaft transmission that makes the mower highly resistant.

Equipped with knives sharpening, telescopic frame, support wheel, hydraulic pivoting throwing pipe, cardan shaft with slip clutch, 12 standard knives on the cutter disc, gear set for adjusting the cutter length. Upon request forage cutting head with 1.5 m. working width.



N° Rollers

N° of rotor’s knives

Cutting height

Transmission HP Weight
MS 120 4 12 From 10 to 30 cm.
From 4 to 12 in.
Cardan shaft

Min 50 HP

560 Kg. / 1235 Lbs.



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