SAM - Front linkage system

Integrated equipment for all tractor models
The experience gained in connecting front loaders to tractors allows us to have perfect rigid hitch to the tractor without critical bending points.
If front wood holder baskets are mounted, it is possible to have the hitch up to the rear axle of the tractor, thereby creating a single body that cancels dangerous bending for the integrity of the tractor.
Monago front linkages are manufactured in three versions with 1,000 Kg, 2,000 kg and 3,000 kg load, all models have SAM10, SAM20 and SAM30 tilting booms. Boom quick coupling, Walterscheid 2nd category type.
Monago front linkages can be combined with PTO if the tractor is compatible.

Monago front linkages can work with:

  • Dual action operation.
  • Floating single action operation.
  • Blocked in a specific position.


  • Front quick release couplings
  • Load damper kit
  • Short booms kit

To respect and harmonise the aesthetics of your tractor, Monago front lifters are available in 3 colours: green, grey and black.

Technical specifications

Model Loading Capacity Cat. HP Weight
SAM 10 1.200 Kg. / 2650 Lbs. I Cat.

40-65 HP

90 Kg. / 199 Lbs.
SAM 20 2.000 Kg. / 4400 Lbs. I-II Cat.

60-120 HP

133 Kg. / 295 Lbs.
SAM30 3.000 Kg. / 6620 Lbs. II-III Cat. 80-250 HP 225 Kg. / 495 Lbs.




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