The study and design of a new dimension of front loaders.
The sensation of having a machine that responds to your requirements, the loader that allows you to work in the most arduous conditions. The technology you were looking for that no one has ever given you, the self-confidence you have when working. The certainty of having made the right choice for your needs. The certainty of your dreams ensuring profitability to your farm. Your dreams are the basis of our daily work. Your certainty is an Monago loader.

SPRINT - Front Loaders

Perfect for moving.
Front loader with mechanical implement self-levelling system, fast and precise use, ideal for bale-handling operations. Equipped with remote controls with single lever joystick, quick-action release system for loader and quick-release hook system for implements and bucket-levelling system.

Many reasons to choose Monago.

The parallel linkage rods of the loader with self-levelling in the SPRINT and VIGOR ranges to harmonise your tractor can be provided upon request in the various colours of the manufacturers of tractors, without any additional cost.

SINGLE LEVER JOYSTICK. All of our loaders are equipped with a single lever joystick for easy use by the operator; ideal for the most demanding work, the new M”GO” is provided with a third hydraulic service.

VISIBILITY. The excellent visibility of Monago loaders allows continuous use of the loader without interference during transport or when changing the end tools. The central beam is mounted at the bottom to leave space for the front lifter and for a better view.

MONOCOQUE BOOM. Torsional rigidity and design of the boom of Monago loaders ensures absolute sturdiness and guarantees the product over time.

HYDRAULIC CONNECTOR . The hydraulic loader control block has been specifically designed for front loaders. This allows exceptional control of the loader, with short reaction times and maximum manoeuvrability during loading/unloading. All this ensures great energy efficiency of the loader which guarantee lower fuel consumption.

COUPLING TO THE TRACTOR. Design of the coupling to the tractor, studied in detail with a horizontal subframe that reaches the back of the tractor, makes it sturdy during heavy daily work and at the same time protects your tractor frame over time.

3rd service device.

Anti bounce system with pipe.

CLIP fast connector for connection and disconnection of the hydraulic pipes in one motion.

PINS AND BUSHINGS . All loaders are equipped with galvanised pins with casehardened bushings for long durability over time; the large size pins ensure maximum stability also during the more difficult work with major stresses.

Safety Bull Bar.