BW150 - Bale wrappers

The bale wrapper BW 150 is a static machine connected to the tractor using 3-point hitch and powered by the hydraulic motor of the tractor PTO. Power required for tractors min.30 HP. Possibility of using plastic film of 500 or 750 mm. width. Time to wrap is 1.3/2 min. Standard vertical bale positioning kit when unloading.
All wrappers are standard provided with vertical bale positioning kit.

Technical specifications


Machine Lenght

Machine width

Machine Height

Bale dimensions

Film width Weight
BW 150 260 cm.
8.5 ft.
120 cm.
4 ft.
170 cm.
5.6 ft. 
120×120 cm.
3.93×3.93 ft.
50/75 cm.
20/30 in.
450 Kg.
990 Lbs.




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