MAGFAST - Disc Cultivator

MAGFAST is a disc machine designed for surface working of the seedbed (up to 18 cm.). The discs are placed in two rows at opposite directions; the wide spacing’s of 250 mm minimizes any possible ground or crop residues clogging. Every disc has a independent hub with an SKF oil bath sealed bearing, which guarantees maximum strength and the minimum demand for maintenance. The elements are connected to the frame with the “ENO CLOCKING” system, a shock absorber system, consisting of rubber buffers; this system absorbs every vertical stress and does not require periodic maintenance.

Heavy duty discs.

Double row discs.

Preparatory springs.

Hydraulic depth adjustment.

Every disc has an independent hub with an SKF oil bath sealed bearing.

Lateral containment disc.

Packer roller RPK: it applies on heavy clay soils very well.

Flexible roller RF: this type of roller is particularly suitable for medium and dry soils.